Cross-age peer tutoring in mathematics

Victoria Menzies and Kirsty Younger are part of a team evaluating Durham Shared Maths. They explain the story so far

During the past year, Durham Shared Maths – a cross-age peer tutoring program – has been taking place in 42 primary schools across four English local authorities (similar to US school districts). Children in UK Year 3 (age 7/8) and Year 5 (age 9/10) work together for a 20-minute lesson each week, during which they talk about mathematics – something that might not happen as often as it should.

What we know
● Durham Shared Maths is a cross-age peer tutoring intervention for children aged 7–11. Children are paired by mathematics ability and the older child acts as a tutor.
● Interactions are structured to improve metacognitive abilities.
● Evidence shows that tutors and tutees benefit from increased attainment, learning, and social outcomes.
● The Durham Shared Maths project is being evaluated as a randomized controlled trial.

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February 2014