Volume 7, Issue 2

 Better 18 coverResearch in schools, Autumn 2015

For the last two years, educators, researchers, and policy makers have been meeting at a series of seminars supported by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). There are a growing number of large-scale evaluations in education, and the seminars explored the challenges of conducting these successfully. The articles in this issue of Better address some of the concerns that were raised, as well as how we might overcome them.

A digital version of the magazine can be accessed at http://portfolio.cpl.co.uk/portfolio/Better/65/1/.

4–5Practical issues in randomized experiments in educationRobert Slavin
6–7Reflections of an RCT rookieGillian Hampden-Thompson
8–9View from an English education TriallistBen Styles
10–11Trials: Minimising failure, maximising successPam Hanley and Sarah Blower
12–13Panning for goldLiam Maxwell
14–15The right to a fair trialColin Waterman
16–17Evaluating lifelong impacts on well-being and inequalityRichard Cookson
18–19Issues in synthesizing evaluations on educational interventionsAlan Cheung
20–21Rolling out evidence-based programmes in schoolsJudy Hutchings and Suzy Clarkson
22–23Recruiting and retaining schoolsAnn Dowker and Graham Sigley
24–25Evidence in the news
26–27The latest research