Volume 1, Issue 1

Reading – Spring 2009

This issue focuses on literacy in primary and secondary schools. It has articles from some of the top reading researchers in the world. The articles do not always agree with each other, because research continues to evolve. But they are all rooted in rigorous research on what works in the teaching of reading.


Page Title Author
4–5 What works in teaching reading Robert Slavin
6–7 Beginning reading Yola Center
8–9 Preparing the generous reader Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar
10–11 Struggling adolescent readers Don Deshler and Michael Kennedy
12–13 Preventing literacy failure Sue Burroughs-Lange
14–15 English as an additional language Margarita Calderón
16–17 Digital picture storybooks Adriana Bus
18–19 Peer-mediated learning Douglas and Lynn Fuchs
20–21 The time is right Jonathan Sharples and Jonathan Haslam
22–23 Using evidence for policy Estelle Morris
24–25 Evidence in the news
26–27 Latest research