Volume 3, Issue 3

Assessment, Spring 2011 Better UK - Assessment

This issue looks at the various assessment practices that can help to improve student achievement. It includes articles on the importance of how feedback is given, how you can get the most from self-assessment, and the value of formative assessment to both teachers and pupils. There is also a look at whether all the assessment tools that are currently used are necessary, and some suggestions as to how high-stakes assessments can be improved.


Page Title Author
4–5 Assessment in a differentiated classroom Carol Tomlinson and Tonya Moon
6–7 Formative assessments in secondary schools Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
8–9 Formative assessment and feedback to learners Steve Higgins
10–11 Multiple measures in classroom assessment Susan Brookhart
12–13 Promoting learning and achievement through
Heidi Andrade
14–15 Exposing the imbalance in “balanced assessment” W. James Popham
16–17 Do we need an assessment overhaul? Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins
18–19 Formative assessment: An enabler of learning Margaret Heritage
20–21 Upgrading high-stakes assessments Albert Oosterhof
22–23 England v Wales: Education performance and accountability Sandra McNally
24–25 Evidence in the news
26–27 Latest research