Dealing with classroom management problems

Saul Axelrod explains how Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and positive reinforcement can help teachers successfully manage their classrooms

THERE IS PROBABLY NO ISSUE MORE pressing for teachers than dealing with classroom management problems. Teachers wake up obsessing over a student’s behavior or even leave education. Here is what is so sad about this. It is unnecessary. For approximately 50 years, there have been available to teachers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) interventions that can solve most classroom management problems in a quick and humane manner.

What we know
● There is a lot of evidence that ABA can be used to solve some of the most difficult behavioral problems.
● ABA interventions, like positive reinforcement, work well and are easy to implement.
● Students enjoy being in a classroom where positive reinforcement procedures are being used, and teachers enjoy teaching with positive reinforcement procedures because the results are so gratifying.

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October 2012