Volume 2, Issue 3

Science – Spring 2010

The fourth issue of Better looks at science. It includes articles from researchers around the world, including a report on a professional development program in Germany, and the story of how one Canadian province designed an evidence-based program. There are also articles on how to keep middle school science students engaged, and the value of textbooks.

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Page Title Author
4–5 Teaching practices that matter in middle grades science Christopher Harris and Ronald Marx
6–7 How science teachers use research evidence
Mary Ratcliffe
8–11 Linking textbooks to science
Jo Ellen Roseman
12–13 Diversity and equity in science education Okhee Lee
14–15 Engaging students in science with cooperative learning Allen Thurston
16–17 Learning to see scientifically Wolff-Michael Roth
18–19 Ideas about designing science programs Brenda Gustafson and
Dougal MacDonald
20–21 Improving teaching in science and mathematics Claudia Fischer and Karen Rieck
22–23 Washington corner: What’s to come for the i3 Fund? Lauren Gibbs
24–25 Evidence in the news
26–27 Latest research