Volume 4, Issue 1

Struggling Readers, Fall 2011 Better UK - Struggling Readers

If teachers can identify struggling readers early, they can provide a broad array of effective interventions, from one-to-one and small-group tutoring to cooperative learning to comprehensive school reform. This issue presents articles on proven solutions to reading failure in both elementary and secondary schools. These solutions vary in many ways, but collectively they tell us something very important: ultimately, virtually all children can succeed in reading.


Page Title Author
4–5 What works for struggling readers Robert Slavin
6–7 Teaching struggling readers in the classroom Lynne Vernon-Feagans and Marnie Ginsberg
8–9 Reading interventions for secondary students Sharon Vaughn and Jack Fletcher
10–11 Cracking the code with supplemental tutoring Patricia Vadasy
12–13 Improving vocabulary instruction through
Teacher Study Groups
Joseph Dimino, Mary Jo Taylor, and Russell
14–15 Scaling up in education: Balancing fidelity and
Jerome D’Agostino and Emily
16–17 Technology-supported three-tier reading instruction Bette Chambers
18–19 Teaching struggling readers foundational reading skills Maureen Lovett and colleagues
20–21 A comprehensive approach to adolescent literacy
Kristin De Vivo
22–23 Early identification and prevention of reading problems Stephanie Al Otaiba
24–25 Evidence in the news
26–27 Latest research